- Gas Fernandez & Alba Mengual (Spain): BALBOA , BLUES, SLOW LINDY
- Martynas Stonys & Elze Visnevskyte (Latvia): LINDY HOP
- Andrea Vozila & Mario Svigir (Croatia): LINDY HOP, JAZZ STEPS, SWING OUT



GAS__ALBA.jpg    Gastón “Gas” is a professional dancer and dance instructor, based in Madrid, Spain. He specializes in vintage dance styles including Lindy Hop, Charleston, authentic jazz, Balboa, Blues and Tango. He is known in the Swing dance community for his powerful acrobatics and aerials, while his background in Tango gives his blues style drama and strength, grounded in a sensitive connection with his partner. Gastón’s passion for swing has taken him around the world, and he has taught and performed in Argentina, Brazil, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, England, E.E.U.U., Australia, Portugal, Germany and more.

Alba started swing dancing because the swing people were exactly the crowd she was looking for in a new city. Over time the dancing on the dance floor led her to ecstasy, and she was really hooked when jazz music found a big space in her heart. There was no way back then!. She loves all the different dance styles of the swing era: Lindy Hop, Blues, Balboa and Authentic Jazz, all of which she trains in and teaches regularly.




Martynas is an international Lindy Hop and Balboa instructor, founder and 1/4th of What a Jazz dance studio, 1/4th of Swing Paradise and organizer of multiple local swing dance events in Lithuania. He has been a leader of Lithuanian Swing dance scene for more than a decade, helping the community and many of Lithuanian Swing dance talents grow. 
Recently Martynas has been working with a few partners teaching both Balboa and Lindy Hop. He can lead, follow, perform, create, but most importantly find the next idea that would help students improve. Martynas' goal is to help his students grow as dancers and as people. He's raising, answering fundamental questions and is keen on interacting with students during classes. 
While often Martynas looks like a serious person, go to him and strike a conversation about dancing, teaching or community. You'll definetly leave that conversation with more questions (and jokes) than before. ;-)

Elze comes from a vibrant dance scene in Vilnius, Lithuania. Since she was a kid Elze has been exploring a variety of dances - from old Renaissance to traditional folk dances. She has also spent a lot of time acting in theatre and she takes a part of it to her dancing and improvisation. Dance for her is much more than leading and following, it is essentially a conversation with a partner and with the music. She values creativity and playfulness and spreads it to her students. You can recognize Elze from her contagious energy and loud laugh.
Elze has been traveling and teaching Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz in various festivals and workshops abroad as well as growing her local dance community where she is one of the owners of What a Jazz dance studio.




 Andrea und Mario.jpgComing soon!